General Manager Aircraft Business Care GmbH

Born and raised in Freiburg

1980 – 1987
Apprenticeship and advanced training (master) as aeromechanic at the German armed forces, aeroplane type Phantom RF-4E, special training for engine test runs, approx. 1000 engine test runs performed during that time

1987 – 1996
Aeromechanic, team leader and test group leader at the DRF German Air Rescue, obtaining of radio licence, training as aircraft technician and aircraft inspector, class 2

1996 – 2000
Aircraft inspector, shift supervisor and employee at the engineering department of Deutsche BA, during that time training as certified mechanical technician, training as aircraft inspector class 1 for aircraft type Boeing 737-300/400/500, including simulator training, ground trial runs and test flights

2000 – 2004
Employee at the Engineering Department of DaimlerChrysler Aviation and appointment as board member of the Operator Advisory Boards (OAB) at Dassault

Foundation of the company Aircraft Business Care in sole proprietorship

Transformation of Aircraft Business Care into a limited company (GmbH) and appointment as general manager