The objective of Aircraft Business Care GmbH is to attend to the aircrafts entrusted to us with the utmost level of quality, prudence and appreciation. The crew and passengers shall always feel safe and assured that they are in a technically impeccable maintained aircraft.

Our longstanding practical experience on the basis of sound training and the high level of expertise and know-how pertaining to aircraft documents and maintenance is the basis of the services offered to our customers. We place great emphasis on knowledge sharing to create a highly developed work environment. Regular trainings are cornerstones of our company to ensure the consistent quality of our work.
Our highest aim and endeavor is to ensure the security of our aircrafts.

The appreciation of the people whom we are working with is particularly dear to us. We deal with our business partners with consideration and respect. We constantly try to attune to our customers and see to their wishes.

The satisfaction of our customers and a longstanding business relationship is more important to us than a maximum of profit. Our pricing system and structure is transparent and fair.

The employees of Aircraft Business Care GmbH are important pillars of the company and significantly contribute to the company culture and success with their motivation and positive attitude.

As general manager I attach importance to an open and honest company climate. I encourage my employees to contribute to the company success with their creativity and skills.

The cornerstones of social interactions of Aircraft Business Care GmbH are:
Respect (of dignity)
Respectful interaction with foreign cultures

Social Commitment
It is very important for us to let others partake in our success. For this reason Aircraft Business Care GmbH regularly supports charitable projects.

Aircraft Business Care GmbH
Jürgen Geißler