(Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation)

Over the past few years the CAMO legislation has continually been modified and extended, thus extensively increasing the workload to implement the legal requirements.

As service to our customers we handle the complete continuing airworthiness management (CAMO) and the obtaining of the airworthiness review certificate (CAMO Plus). We have a very open and goal-oriented approach and directly talk to the pilot and the operator to ensure that all the expectation are met. Furthermore, we regularly check the condition of the aircrafts on-site.

Our work is constantly reviewed by local authorities and the audit results confirm our excellent performance. For example, both of the ACAM-audits performed on our aircrafts were completed without any findings.

CAMO-Plus Certificate issued by German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA):
Approval no. DE.MG.1022

Valid for aircraft types:
Falcon 900
Falcon 900 C
Falcon 2000
Falcon 2000 EX Easy
Falcon 7X